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With us, you can make various precious items or jewelry even more personalized and unique! Because we offer various methods of engraving on various surfaces: precious metals, metal, glass, wood, plastic, etc.

We can engrave even the most fragile surfaces with a laser, we also offer manual engraving and a marking service.

Engraving is a very popular service, it is not new that we usually give jewelry to each other on special occasions, then we try to show attention and love to our loved one, and an engraved jewelry, accessory or other gift acquires even greater value, because it becomes very personal and expensive a gift

The most commonly engraved items:

  • Jewelry (wedding rings, engagement rings, watches, bracelets);
  • Awards (engraved statuettes of various materials: glass awards, metal awards, stone awards, etc.);
  • Dishes (glass dishes, porcelain dishes, clay dishes, etc. engraved with initials, names, wishes and various images);
  • Office supplies (engraving of business gifts, engraving of business accessories).

What to choose?

Laser engraving is a method of engraving that uses a special laser and a computer to create an extremely precise image. Laser engraving is an excellent solution for engraving very fragile materials or hard-to-touch materials, or for engraving complex designs or very fine details.

Manual engraving is the oldest method of engraving – hand-engraved items are given originality, warmth, personality and uniqueness. Hand engraving is unique, because you won’t find another identical product anywhere!

Marking is an engraving marking the protection of the product against counterfeiting. Marking is a way of labeling and identifying personal items. Marking is the recording of your personal data on your belongings: name, initials, numbers.

Engraved notes are durable and not affected by any external factors.

For more detailed information and engraving methods, please contact us!

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